Monday, 24 March 2014

Raindeer Fodder!

Hello fawns,

I have good news! After my recent healthy food inspiration, I've finally activated my food blog. I love eating, and I want to remember all of my fantastic recipies, but this Raindeer Pants blog is not the right place for them.

This is where I collect my recipies, so that I won't lose them. It's not intended to be a serious food blog for those who are serious about cooking. I keep it mostly for myself. But because I apparently eat weird things, some people might find it interesting too.

So if you want to see kitchen disasters and some pretty strange ingredient mixing, Raindeer Fodder might provide you with some pathetic entertainment. And it might be a useful resource if you're a young person who only just recently left their nest and mummy doesn't cook for you any more. It will help you to get some variety in your diet when you get bored of pot noodles or frozen pizza!


  1. tykkään sun blogin ulkoasusta, tässä on sellainen ihana unimainen tunnelma :)