Sunday, 13 April 2014

Eggs for Everyone!

Happy Palm Sunday Everyone!

One more week to wait before it's time to eat those chocolate eggs. I've now spent quite sometime wondering which egg I want. But it's a big decision so I thought I'd share my ponderings with you guys.

Also, if you're really into good photo quality, this post is not for you. There's no way I'd take my big camera on a shopping trip. We don't have a car, we carry all of our groceries home. With our little hands. We eat a lot. There's no space to carry a big camera. Phone is ok.

Asda has been the best place for chocolate eggs so far. They have a whole aisle full of them.

Small eggs, medium eggs, large eggs, giant eggs — they have it all!

It makes me happy when chocolate eggs make me smile. In fact, this whole aisle made me very happy!

These Thorntons eggs look pretty tasty. And definitely weird enough.

Baileys and Guinness eggs are of course also available. I'm intrigued.

Kinder Eggs have their own large versions too.

And of course the giant egg section had some serious chocolate eggs. I was so excited that I just couldn't hold my phone still.

But Lindt was the best one! Look at all the bunnies!

And they have carrots too!

And soft toys!

I can't believe Laura didn't let me have that one. I'm so gutted.

Then I went to Tesco, and they actually have giant Lindt carrots!!

Thorntorns bunnies and chicks are pretty awesome too. Can you understand why choosing the best egg is so difficult?

And, because this egg thing is probably completely... well,  foreign to Finnish people, I thought I might show you that all the chocolates have their own version.

There's Galaxy and Mars. Amusingly next to each other.

Then there's Malteasers' MaltEasters and Cadbury's Caramel and Minieggs giant eggs.

And Mars' friend collection egg with Snickers and Twix. And Wispa and Twirl eggs.

So many to choose from.

What are your chocolate thoughs this Easter?

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