Sunday, 23 March 2014

Spring healthiness

The spring is here!

It's sunny outside! Unfortunately it doesn't mean that it's warm. Today it's been only 3 degrees and I had to wear my winter coat again.

But this spring I will try and start eating healthier food. More fruit and vegetables and less frozen pizza. Healthier food gives you more energy, right?

Maybe it's all the sunniness that's made me want to eat healthier. I've been living on hamburgers, cheesy pasta and frozen pizzas for way too long.

But I just went to a supermarket and bought loads of fruit and vegetables.


I've been dreaming of healthier food. But over the past couple of weeks I just haven't had the energy or the time to try out new recipies. But now I finally have lots of healthy things I could eat! Laura is slightly suspicious whether I'm actually going to eat everything I bought. Now I have to prove her suspicions wrong.

I also read a very inspiring blog post in Peaches Blog (in Finnish) recently! The author, Vilma, is a vegetarian and has written a few posts about her diet. Recently she did a post about a smoothie she had for dinner/snack. It includes coconut milk, almond milk, fresh pineapple, kiwi fruit, nuts, maca and spirulina.

© Vilma.

It sounded awesome. And I wanted to try and make it too. Maybe the best thing about it was that instead of publishing a proper recipe Vilma just briefly explained what she did.

And I bought a blender last month. Because it sounded like a fabulous thing. But then I realised that I don't know what to do with it. So this smoothie is going to be the first thing I'll actually attempt to make with it!

If you know any other fantastic vegetable or fruit based meals, let me know  –  I need inspiration!


  1. Haha, et ole ainut jolle on tullut halu syödä terveellisemmin! Eilen tehtiin hyvää (ja terveellistä) ruokaa. Keitettiin parsakaalia, paistettiin purjosipulia, leikkattiin tomaattia ja sotkettiin yhteen - kaadettiin valkokastike päälle ja vähän juustoa ja uuniin kunnes juusto ruskistunut! :) Oli kyllä tosi hyvää.

    1. Kuulostaa mahtavalta! :) Jotain tuon tapaista voisin itsekin joskus kokeilla.

  2. Täällä on ollut tällä viikolla ihana kevät! 10 astetta lämmintä, leskenlehtiä, eka jätskiska auki ja ihana aurinko!

    Terveellisempi ruoka olisi kyllä hyvä, edes välillä. Mä kyllä olen aina syönyt usein itse tehtyä ruokaa ja sellaista perusruokaa, mutta aina voisi terveellisemmin.

    1. Ohhoh! Hassua että siellä on taas kohta lämpimämpää kuin täällä. Täällä on ollut tosi kylmä aamuisin, kun olen mennyt töihin.