Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Decision made

Hey, want to hear what my plan is?

Okay, time's up.

Looks like I'll be staying in Scotland. I've chosen the safe and boring option of staying here. Better salary, no moving and no long-distance relationship.

Phone captured this moment: relaxing after a successful interview.

I'm slightly sad about my choice. It would have been just my style to pack my life into a bag, throw it into a raffle and see where I end up. But while I'm still trying to pull my life together, it's probably better that I have someone there to support me every day. Loneliness is not my thing. And a more stable salary will probably allow me to live a more stress-free life.

But what? I'm not going anywhere?!

I feel like I've been here for forever. I need to reactivate my Scotland enthusiasm.

A friend invited Laura and I for dinner in Edinburgh ages ago. We should set a date for that.

Edinburgh castle!

And now when I'm not moving away, Tiia can come and celebrate her birthday with us! I've celebrated several of my birthdays with her, but she's never celebrated any of hers with me.

Cruise-ship partying.

And Laura and I just recently bought Historic Scotland memberships which give as free entries to several cool places. I want to go to Jarlshof and see Shetland. And we can get into that Edinburgh castle. We've already been to see Fyvie castle and Duff House!

Fyvie castle.

I should also start dancing more. I love the fact that Scottish dancing exists. Here's some footage from Scottish Universities Scottish Country Dance Festival, in case you want to see me dance. And, you know, to see what Scottish country dancing is like. Watch it in HD!

It's also starting to look like spring out there! I emptied the contents of my winter handbag into my summer handbag last weekend and am hoping that I can stuff my winter jacket into my wardrobe soon.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to wake up my inner Scotland-enthusiast?


  1. Olen kaikki muut sun merkinnät lukenut aiemmin, vaikken ole kommentoinutkaan. Tämä oli jotenkin kummasti jäänyt väliin. Olen tällaisen otsikon jostain nähnyt, ja kuvitellut lukeneeni, mutta en ollutkaan!

    Ai, sulla on talvi- ja kesäkäsilaukut erikseen :D. Ei mulla vaan ole.

    1. Joo, on. :D Mutta se johtuu lähinnä siitä, että tuon kesälaukun sangat ovat niin lyhyet, että sitä ei voi oikein pitää olkapäällä talvitakin kanssa. Ja talvilaukussa hihna taas on niin pitkä, että se on jotenkin hölmö ja vaikea, jos ei ole talvitakkia.