Monday, 25 November 2013

It's snow time!

Dear blog,

I think the winter has arrived. It snowed last week!

View from our home street!

I am quite amused by the fact that we had our first snow before my family in Finland did! It's all gone now but the winter atmosphere is still here. I've been burning so many candles (that my girlfriend is worried that soon I will have no money left)! But I feel that the candles are making me feel less stressed out about this whole Christmas thing. Especially Christmas shopping, because surely I can just give candles to everyone. Candles are lovely.

A little Laura-elf hiding behind the tree.

We also erected our Christmas tree! It's new, cute and we bought it at 2am in our local supermarket. It's plastic and lacks that sensational pine tree scent, but I've solved the problem by buying pine tree scented candles. It's like having a real tree.

And since, I've now told you about the snow we had, it's a good time to tell you that Katja from Little Snow-blog gave me 11 questions challenge. I've done this challenge once before and told 11 facts about me, and answered Jonna's questions in this post, but now I'm going to answer Katja's 11 questions.

1. What do you think of tattoos?
- I like them, but I explained why I don't have one in this post

2. What is your greatest fear?
- I have quite a lot of these, but the biggest one is probably that something awful would happen to the people I love.

3. Describe your style with three words
- Weird wannabe femme? :D

4. Would you rather live in the countryside or in a city?
- This is a big question, and I try to answer it briefly. I grew up in a small town that was surrounded by countryside, I was a "town kid" that had no idea what the other kids were talking about at school when they were talking about their chicken's and cows and driving their tractors to check out the apples in their orchard. 

Then I moved to a city where I can have a choice of 4 cinemas, which is good, because by the time I decide I want to see a film, at least one of them will have stopped showing it. It's also very easy to get around here without actually owning a car. And when I travel, I can choose whether I want to come back by plane, train, bus or ferry. And of course there is a huge variety of different nightlife venues ranging from whiskey bars to disco music playing nightclubs. I still come across new bars or clubs that I notice on Union Street (the main street) or Belmont Street (the "bar street"). And I have lived here for over 5 years!

Union Street.

I enjoy the fresh air and peacefulness of the countryside, but at the moment, I enjoy living in a city. Maybe in the future when my life situation will be different I might wish to move to a smaller town.

5. Favourite make-up trend this autumn?
- I'm not sure what face make-up trends there have been this autumn, as I'm still learning to make up my face the way I want it, but I've enjoyed the new nail trends that are going on this autumn/winter!


Sparkly nails are a thing right now, aren't they? At least they are selling glittery nail varnishes everywhere and all beauty bloggers appear to be talking about them. 

6. The websites you use the most
- I'm so happy that Google Chrome tells me this every time I open the browser.

The three sites I visit the most.

Somehow, I was assuming Facebook and my email would be there, but apparently I spend more time on my blog, Youtube and a forum where people talk about mooncups. Good to know.

7. Your worst style blunder
- Probably my holiday outfit from July 2010. There's also an intentional style example of something I wouldn't actually wear in the same post.

8. Your childhood hobbies
- I was an active member in church clubs! It was called "girl club" and we played different games and made bracelets. I also went to a stone club one summer. We looked at rocks. I had forgotten about it until I took a few courses of geology at uni. I also tried to learn to play piano when I was 7, but I didn't like my teacher so I quit. Now, I regret it because if I want to join a band and become famous, I will have to play the triangle. Pianists probably get paid more than trianglists.

9. Your dream profession before and now
- According to my mum, I wanted to become a "circus animal trainer", but at the moment I actually have no idea. If you can think of something that would suit me, please let me know. I want to do something where I get paid so that I can stay alive. I want to work with people. I want to do something that it meaningful. But I'm not sure what profession would give me the opportunity to do something like that.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?
- As memorable as the first meetings with the people I've been in relationships with have been, I have to say no. Love is something that grows when you get to know the person, and learn to trust them. You can develop an obsessive crush on someone when you first see them... err, as I have experienced. But even if I had ended up together with them, I wouldn't have said that it was love at first sight. To love someone, you need to know that person's faults. 

11. What kind of blogs do you like to read and why?
- I like to read blogs that inspire me, and blogs that review products that I might buy before I go out, buy them and find out that they suck. I also like to read blogs where the writer is honest and willing to share aspects about their life that many people don't talk about. I also rather read blogs that are written with a happy attitude to life. I don't like pessimists. Pessimists are always unhappy, and my life goal is to become a happier and more open and positive person.

That's the end of questions. Here's another picture of our Christmas tree.

Have you started preparing for Christmas yet?


  1. Oh, lunta! Mä näin lunta ekan kerran tänään aamulla, mutta vähemmän oli kuin tuossa sun kuvassa. Ja päivällä se oli jo poissa. En ole nähnyt lumisadetta ollenkaan. Kynttilät ovat kyllä kivoja, voisin taas laittaa pari palamaan. Mäkin tahdon joulukuusen! Voisin mennä hakemaan varastosta talvitakit. Ehkei ihan vielä ole niiden aika, mutta melkein. Sitten ne ovat valmiina. Mun näkökulmasta Loimaa on ihan iso paikka, kun vertaa omaan kotipaikkaani :D. Tuo Union Street -kuva sai mulle sellaisen olon, että tekee mieli tulla kylään! Neljä elokuvateatteria olisi hyvä. Täällä on vain yksi.

    1. Ai oikeastiko vain yksi? Jotenkin luulin, että siellä olisi useampi. Mutta sun pitäisi kyllä tulla käymään! Uusi asuntokin. Aika hyvin olet kyllä tähän mennessä vieraillut kaikissa asunnoissani, vain se asuntolahuone on jäänyt välistä, mutta ollaan sentään sillä alueella muuten käyty.

  2. Ihana paikka tuo missä asut:) ja ihanan joulusii kuvii, tulee jo pikkuhiljaa tässä ihan joulufiilis!!