Friday, 11 November 2011

Sailor's wife

Good evening bunnies,     (Yes, I did just call you a bunny – never done that before – now let's move on)

I was poked about an hour ago for not having written a new blog post. Well the thing is, that I would have written one earlier but I didn't feel that I had anything especially interesting to write about. Today I had a quite a normal, boring day.

I got woken up by a strange Irish man who asked whether I had a bit too much to drink last night. Then I got up and walked to a computer to write about some rocks. I tried to microwave myself a cup of tea but forgot it in the microwave until my flatmate washed the cup and made me some new tea. Then I got hungry and went to look for some left-over pizza but there wasn't any. It made me sad so I ate some chocolate. In the evening I did some cleaning around the house but accidentally broke a glass. This made me even more sad, so I decided to have some cheesy pasta for tea. Unfortunately when the crucial point of adding some milk to make the cheesiness into a sauce came, I discovered that we were out of milk. So I ran to the corner shop in my pyjamas and bought some. I also bought some Jaffa cakes because they are meant to make any occasion happier. Then I watched the first episode of the documentary series My Transsexual Summer  until my flatmate came home and we played Scrabble. The end.

Well, not really the end, because now I'm writing this. And the reason I'm writing this is, that I would love to write more blog posts about things that interest you! What would you want me to write about or discuss? Tell me and there are very good chances that I will write about that.

When I started this blog Mandi asked if I could write about music and books that I like. Unfortunately recently, I haven't found the time to read any novels and I've just been listening to really random songs that I've for some reason added as my favourite on Youtube. In the course of that I've found out that my flatmate really dislikes Aqua's Barbie Girl. But that's not the song I've listening to right now.

This is song is called Merimiehen vaimo, it's from a Finnish band PMMP and it tells about a wife of a sailor. She never got a chance to get a good education so she just had a lot of children instead, and stayed at home with them. She became a little bit bitter in the end, and was always very sad when it was the time for her husband to leave again. She always took the children to wave him away, until the children grew up, moved elsewhere and never visited her anymore. And of course one day the ship came back without her husband. But this song is about how she met her sailor in a ball and they danced together when they were still young and everything was still ahead of them. I like this song.

So yes, if you didn't like this post and have anything in your mind that you would like to read instead, or if you liked this and have anything inspiring to say about how I could make you enjoy reading this blog even more, let me know! Otherwise, I might never end up writing about those things.


  1. Musta tuo sun päivä kuulosti ihan kivalta, vaikka tapahtuikin vähän surullisia asioita :D. Pelaaminen on kivaa, mä haluaisin pelata useammin. Tai ainakin voittaa.

    Toi Merimiehen vaimo on tosi kiva! Mä joskus mietin tuota kohtaa silleen, että se voisi myös olla niin, että siinä tanssikohdassa se tapaakin uuden, ja jotenkin työntää vielä vanhuuden syrjään. Vaikka oikeasti se on noin. Mutta halusin siihen onnellisen lopun. Mulla oli siihen joskus kolmaskin teoria, en oikein muista, mikä.

    En tiedä, mistä haluaisin sun kirjoittavan. Gilmoren tytöistä voisit yhden merkinnän. Ei kun nyt tiedän parhaan; voit kirjoittaa musta!

  2. Jaffa cakes always make life better... and whichever flatmate doesn't like Barbie Girl clearly doesn't appreciate musical genius.

    M x

  3. Lisää ideoita:
    - Joku Suomi-juttu, mitkä on tärkeitä Suomi-juttuja
    - Kotitontut!
    - Kaikki matka-aiheiset ilahduttaa. Vaikka sellainen, että kerrot junista, lentokoneista, busseista ym. kaikkien hyvät ja huonot puolet
    - Parhaat fiktiiviset hahmot ja perustelut
    - Entiset harrastuksesi
    - Viisi ihanaa muistoa
    - Asioita, jotka saavat sut iloiseksi
    - Ihan mitä vaan!