Friday, 4 November 2011

Anti-stress strategy

 Hello people!

Last week I wrote about my coffee break while I was stressing about my dissertation. Well, I've since then come to a conclusion that stressing is bad and unhelpful. My stress didn't make the books that I needed miraculously appear on the shelves in the library nor did the maths I had to do get any easier. Therefore, this week I'm going to tell you about my new strategy: not stressing.

This week has been great. I went to a few Halloween parties at the weekend and then heard on Tuesday that some Christians despise Halloween. I ended up creating a personal theological dilemma because of this, and threw my Christmas into a bin. I then had a wonderful midnight conversation with a friend and picked the Christmas back up again. I now know approximately what I'm going to do this Christmas and it won't be stressful at all. (Well, apart from the Christmas shopping.)

Because my dissertation was not getting anywhere, thanks to the lack of books I needed and the diagram that I was convinced was wrong, I decided to have a break from it and write an essay for another course. My essay topic was interesting and it was all good, except that actually writing it sounded very tiring.

But then because the university' rector elections coming up, someone called Matt Bell put posters up about getting rid of the unisex toilets in the library.

This lead me to do a lot of reading about toilets and how they should or could be separated. And I ended up joining the “Unisex Toilet Appreciation Group” on Facebook. But someone posted a Youtube link there. And I watched the video. And then I watched another video that Youtube recommended me. And this went on for quite a while and in the end I found myself watching all the videos that someone had posted there (they didn't have anything to do with toilets) and realised that I was developing a really unhealthy crush on someone I had never met and will never meet. But hey, I was happy! And definitely not stressed.

And I'm still happy, and now I'm actually more willing to write my essay and dissertation because I'm not stressed about it. I guess sometimes you just have to have a break from your work and do something really stupid that and potentially embarrassing.

I would also like to tell you that blog writing helps, because I am writing. And the more I write, the more used to I get to write and it will therefore be easier to write thousands of words.

Both of my flatmates are participating in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) contest, which I find a little bit depressing because they are writing thousands of words each day and I can't write my assignments that fast. But writing is good. Keep writing. You may start by writing me a comment.


  1. Your words are too good for NaNoWriMo, this year :)

    And, crushes are great

  2. Who did you start to have a crush on :D?

  3. Thanks, Joni!

    But hey, who is asking me questions like that anonymously??

  4. Stressaaminen on kyllä niin turhaa! Häiritsee vaan kaikkea. Ihan pienesti ehkä pitää, muuten ei vaan tee mitään.

  5. Annie here - Love the picture of anti-transphobic activism. I take it you discovered it with the comment already added, or was it you who put it there?

  6. The comments were already there.