Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Happy morning, world!

I am up because I have completely messed up my sleeping rhythms, and it's actually an evening to me.

But being up now, I can see everyone else get up. And it makes me wonder why everyone is always so grumpy in the morning. Are people not meant to be happy because it's a new day and anything could happen? They get to have a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of juice and eat their favourite breakfast. Today they could meet the most interesting person or the most exciting opportunities could come up. For sure something funny will happen and there will always be something to be happy about.

But people don't seem to understand this. Is it because they have run out of milk for their tea, coffee or cereal? Or because they didn't get to sleep enough last night? Or because it's winter and the sun didn't rise before they had to get up? Or because they are so tired of getting up everyday to do the same things? They get up every day and go to school or work, getting stuck in the traffic, coming home, watching TV, going to bed and doing the same thing again tomorrow?

Okay, those who know me know that I am the worst person at getting up, or actually waking up in general. And I will not speak after I've just woken up. My mornings are quiet. But I'm happy. I've woken up. I can do things. I know there was a dead insect floating in my tea cup this morning. But the whole world is out there and there are things to see.

I hope you're not too tired this morning and that you would be happily eating your breakfast. I hope you'd be able to enjoy these last days of November before it's December. These are the last days of this year! The trees are getting bolder, and people are putting Christmas lights up. And it's dark and cold which is exactly why we need friends, candles, hot water bottles and woolly things. I hope you all have enough of those.

Have a happy day!


  1. I love this post, sweetie. 'Don't worry - be happy!' is totally my motto. Keep smiling, and remember that you also have friends, candles and hot water bottles... and if you ever need more woolly things, you have only to ask. M x

  2. Aamulla on vaan niin kurjaa, kun väsyttää. Kyllä mä ihan iloinen silti olen, ei vaan oikein jaksa tehdä mitään. Mutta sitten ainakin olen iloinen, jos olen saanut herätä silloin, kun on huvittanut herätä. Mutta joskus ei edes tarvitse olla nukkunut tarpeeksi, että voi tuntua erityisen iloiselta. Esimerkiksi kun heräsin Itävallassa torkuttuani yön junassa ja oli vielä tosi varhainen aamu, tuntui oikein iloiselta jäädä pois junasta Feldkirchissä, käydä pesemässä hampaat ja ostamassa saksaksi leipomotuotteita ja lähteä junailemaan Liechtensteiniin. Siinä junassa tarkkailtiin selkeästi väsyneitä työmatkalaisia, kaikkein iloisimmilta näyttivät ne, joilla oli seuraa ja jotka keskustelivat sen seuransa kanssa. Mulla ei ole kuumavesipulloja.