Wednesday, 4 June 2014

We stayed.

Guess what?

We decided to stay here with the bunnies and all the happiness. It's far from some places, but sometimes far away is good. We have our own things that are close to us. There's a river, a 24-hour supermarket, fantastic foresty jogging route and a little park with a Pictish standing stone. This is our home.

It's been quite a busy week moving back and forth. I really recommend to everyone to move away or to pretend to move away if you ever feel unhappy. It really makes you appreciate your life at your current place more. Unless you actually feel happy about moving  – then you should probably just move.

But I've never been this happy before in the Bunnyland. I mean, I've been really happy living here, but I feel that I've never appreciated this place quite this much. We had some friends over for dinner on Friday, and we showed them around our house, our surroundings and even took them for a magical shopping trip to our local supermarket. It was lovely to see that they were as excited about this place as we are. They even said that they understand why we want to live this far from the university.

I'm also really excited about summer! I even managed to dry some laundry outside at the weekend. I've also been looking at garden furniture recently. It would be nice to sit and eat outside.

Laundry and dinner party weren't the only things that happened this weekend. We also went to a Moulin Rouge themed ball on Saturday. It was kind of a one-year-together celebration for us. And also a good excuse to dress up.


  1. Minä surin pitkään meidän aiempaa kämppää. Se oli kylmä ja ahdas, mutta minulle kuitenkin kovin rakas. Muutimme ihan toiseen kaupunkiin, joten oli pakko vaihtaa asuntoakin. Uusi asunto on reilusti isompi, valoisa ja lämmin, mutta mietin silti välillä kaiholla sitä aiempaa asuntoa. Siellä tapahtui kaikkea ihanaa, kuten ensisuudelmamme.

  2. Mulle on lapsuuden pikkuluukut rakkaita. Luukut, missä jaoin huoneen neljän muun sisaruksen kanssa. Siellä kuitenkin on kaikkia ihania lapsuuden muistoja ja nautin elämästäni sielä. Nyt kun oon muuttamassa omaan asuntoon ekaa kertaa, tiedän että Tuun kaipaamaan our isolated home kotikunnan yhdessä pikkukylistä .

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