Sunday, 1 December 2013

Love confessions

Oh look, it's December!

It's time to open our advent calendars! Mine is a Hello Kitty one. Yesterday I was telling my girlfriend about my nightmares and about how I probably would get nightmares if I ever had to enter a house of someone who is obsessed with Hello Kitty. Then I was trying to light candles, dropped the burning match and nearly set the carpet and my leopard patterned blanket on fire. In the end it was all okay, except my finger that now has a Hello Kitty plaster on it. Don't play with matches or this might happen to you.

To celebrate the start of this crazy party month, I thought it would be time for some self-examining "...and that's who I am" picture therapy. For me. But you can do this too if you haven't already!  In the meantime you're just welcome to learn more about my secrets.

This time I'm going to tell you about things I love. Except I find love as a very strong word and almost never use it. It makes me sound too passionate. And I'm not a passionate person! Or maybe I am, but just don't want to show people that I am? To be honest, I'm just overly worried about people finding out what things I really like or even love. Because then they'll know how to hurt me most. And it will leave me in a really vulnerable position. By telling people that I generally like many things but nothing in general will leave them in a lot less clueless position and then they can just mock me about things I don't really care about! But then only those, who I will tell my secrets to, will really know anything about me. But maybe it's time to change that.

Would you like to hear confessions about my feelings?

Pokémon is quite possibly my favourite cartoon* ever. Could you not tell by the Pikachu sitting next to me in my profile picture? Or the Pikachu costume in the previous photo?

Even more secrets though! I haven't actually played any Pokémon games. A new game was released last month but I haven't even played the card game that was released when I was a kid. I collected Pokémon cards and for some reason had acquired a few game cards through exchange. But they are all nicely organised in my Pokémon folder with some Pokémon drawings. I proudly represent the folder to everyone who visits my childhood home with me. I also have a small collection of Pokémon figurines like in the picture above. But I can't even recognise the new Pokémons. For me the real Pokémons are the 150 original Pokémons.

But Pokémons are a good thing. I can always trust that someone is a good and sincere person if they own a Pikachu soft toy or like to walk around dressed up like Ash Ketchum.

*Mine was dubbed in Finnish, so I still have problems calling it anime. In my brain, anime sounds like something that is meant for adults. But Pokémon were piirretty(=cartoons) just as well as Moomins were because my mum told me so. I find it difficult to try and call it anime now so that I wouldn't upset anime-fans. It's the word I find difficult changing, although I always knew it was Japanese. 
Why are only American cartoons supposed to be called cartoons anyway - is there not a global word for all drawn animations?

I don't know what it is but I am obsessed. I had to pick a wall calendar last year and I had to choose between Katy Perry and Doctor Who. It was a tough choice, but in the end I chose Katy Perry even though the pictures weren't that good. Her music is also very catchy and one of the only things that can somehow wake me up. It's also good for cleaning. Or sitting down. Or annoying my flatmates. I haven't been to her concerts, but some of my friends are going and didn't invite me. But now I've clearly announced to everyone that I love her, so next time they have no excuse. I wanted to go and see her documentary film in the cinema when it came out in 2012, but my ex (who then wasn't an ex yet, but was surely to become one after that) refused to go and see it and we ended up going to see The Five-Year Engagement instead. But anyway, it might be unhealthy, but just looking at a picture of Katy Perry makes me happy.

As mentioned above, I also love Doctor Who. It's my favourite TV series now. But looking at a Dalek doesn't make me quite as happy as looking at Katy Perry, so that's why I did my calendar choice. But Doctor Who TV series is fantastic. I don't know what my life would be like without it - without all the entertainment, enjoyment and wisdom! Then I wouldn't even have TARDIS salt and pepper shakers.

Another celebrity obsession! Again, looking at David Tennant makes me very happy. All I need to smile is this video:

I even dragged my Swedish friend, Katta, to watch Nativity 2: Danger in Manger! with me in the cinemas, because he was in it. I was very happy, but she was mostly confused.

And because some of you are thinking about it: no, there isn't any sexual about my David Tennant obsession. I just want to hold his hand and skip, or have him as a pet or put him in my pocket.

I love Harry Potters. They're like Doctor Who: they have so much wisdom and they've provided so much enjoyment to my life! Except they are probably even more important, because I grew up with them. I am seriously too scared to even think about what my life would be without them. I would lose a lot more than just my salt and pepper shakers. The more I think of it, the more I am convinced that my whole life would be different without Harry Potter. I don't know where I would be, and who I would know. Maybe I should write a completely different post about it. But Harry Potter is definitely the one thing in my life that almost everything in my life as I know it relies on. Most things, indirectly.

This is a fantastic shop that I can only visit on holidays! They have so many weird clothes that inspire me. Not everything, but it's good to know that there is a shop where I can get clothes that are a bit out of ordinary. I am now starting to freak about my age, though! What if I'll soon be too old to shop there? What will I then wear?!

I love postcards and photographs. I wish I could take photos of everything, and I always try to send postcards from places that I visit and I love receiving postcards from them! I did postcrossing for a while and it was a fantastic hobby!

I love exploring new places and the feeling of freedom of being able to go anywhere.

This is the one thing that I miss the most about Finland. I love saunas. A hot room where I'm allowed to relax and think. The best thoughts are thought in saunas. It's also the place to have the conversations. Being naked and sweating will only be beneficial for that. And it's good for your muscles, and your skin.

This is another TV series favourite of mine! When ever I'm feeling sad, I will start feeling better about everything by watching an episode of Gilmore girls. I also learned English by watching this series, which I've mentioned briefly before.

I have to admit that one of my favourite things about this flat is all the wild bunnies we have around here. Officially it may be seen as a pest problem, but they are so cute! So much better than the seagulls.

TARDIS blue! Or to be fair, I'm not really that sure about the colour, but blue would be cool. I've only ever once had a crazy and vibrant unnatural hair colour. I dyed my hair purple when I was a teenager but there aren't even any photographs! And I really would like to dye my hair again.

I love singing Singstar and karaoke. But unfortunately I can't sing. At all. It's awful to listen to, so I can only sing with my friends who have been blessed to be as tone-deaf as I have. But I really wish I could sing so that I could do it more often.

I hope that was enough confessions for one day.

What do you think? Was there anything that surprised you?


  1. Saanko kysyä miten teit tosta kommenttiboksista tollasen? c:

  2. Tallinnassa oli ainakin joskus Hello Kitty -kauppa. Mulla on siitä valokuva. Mä en millään vaan tajua tuota Pokemon -juttua. Musta se oli vaan aina niin tyhmä. Katsoin sitä joskus, jos ei ollut mitään muuta tekemistä. Kauheaa taistelua vaan koko ajan, siltä se näytti mun silmissä. Osa Pokemenoista oli kuitenkin mun mielestä ihan söpöjä, mulla oli jostain syystä muutama sellainen kortti.

    Mä tosiaan katsoin Doctor Who:ta siihen asti, kun Rose lähti. Se oli musta viihdyttävä, mutta sen jälkeen alkoi vähän kyllästyttää. Plus lähdin matkailemaan, ja niitä uusintoja tuli niin usein, etten sitten ehtinyt katsoa niitä.

    Et oo liian vanha Forever 21 -kauppaan ennen kuin susta tuntuu, että siellä ei ole mitään, mitä haluaisit. Mäkin shoppasin viime elokuussa aivan innoissani Forever 18:ssa.

    1. Oli rankkaa, kun jotkut aikuiset valittelivat, kun Pokémonissa vaan taisteltiin. Kyllähän siinä sitä tehdään aika paljon, mutta kaikki se seikkailu siinä musta jännittävintä oli.

      Miksi alkoi kyllästyttää? Tai nojoo, olihan se surullista, kun Rose lähti. Mutta on siinä vaikka mitä hyviä jaksoja sen jälkeenkin! Mulla on niitä paljon DVD:llä. Voidaan katsoa niitä joskus, jos on aikaa. Tuntuu kyllä, että enää ei ole ikinä tarpeeksi aikaa.

      Se on kyllä totta, että sitten vasta on liian vanha, kun ei enää tunnu hyvältä.