Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Am I out of control?

As a part of my attempt to do new things I've decided to visit two places that I haven't been to before. I can't believe I haven't been to those places! 

I lived 18 years of my life in Finland and have never been to Estonia. I mentioned this to one of my best friends and she decided that she would take me out to Tallinn for a day. Finally, I will get to see what Helsinki was founded to compete against!


Another capital that I have passed by several times is Copenhagen. I've been to Denmark but only spent time in the mainland. So now I have a day visit to Copenhagen planned as well. We're going to go and take a photo of that little Little Mermaid statue and eat sandwiches. How exciting!

But thinking about these short-visits made me realise that I don't have any suitable luggage for a one-day around-town and a nights stay. I needed something small enough to carry around with me but big enough to fit my pyjamas and a toothbrush in. So basically I decided that I need a very big handbag.

I went out and bought this:

My new travel bag!

It's big and has leopard print on it. A few years younger version of myself would be shocked. I did not like leopard print. Or pink. Last week I bought something that had pink leopard print on it. Teenager-me would not approve.

But then I thought that because I, for some unknown reason, like the bag now, I should just get it and enjoy this feeling. This bag and I have some great adventures ahead of us. It doesn't even matter if no one else likes this bag, because I do and it's my bag now.

I am not sure why I had to convince myself that it's okay to like this bag - it's just a bag after all - but maybe I care too much about what others might think, even more than "betraying" my old self.

I have recently bought so many things with leopard print on them... Besides this bag, I also have tissue boxes, shoes, a dress, pyjamas, a bra, multiple pants, things and I nearly bought tweezers today as well. But it's okay.  I've stopped avoiding pink like plague as well.

I kind of like this dress:

It's Ruby & Grace Scuba Party dress.

I also like neon colours! But it's probably not a new thing.  I gave my old neon yellow shoes to my friend who really wanted them, last week.  I might want neon pink ones now. Maybe one day.


  1. Ne neonkeltaiset kengät ovat kivat. Isäni kysyi, ovatko ne Lontoon muotia. Se sanoi, että ne ovat tavallaan hienot. Se on elänyt nuoruutta neonvärisellä 80 -luvulla.

    Mä olen ollut neljästi Tallinnassa. Tallinnassa kuuluu bilettää. Milloin sä Kööpenhaminaan menet? Se on kiva paikka, mutta kallis. Pieni Merenneito oli maailmannäyttelyssä Kiinassa, kun olin siellä. En siis nähnyt. Mutta kävin Tivolissa.

    1. Joo, ne ovat mahtavat kengät! Hienoa, että isäsikin arvostaa.

      Paluumatkalla lennän Kööpenhaminan kautta. :D

  2. Minäkin olen ruvennut käyttämään värejä pukeutumisessani :) Perjantaina mulla oli farkkulegginssit ja PINKKI laukku.
    Nykyään en enää pue koko mustaa :)