Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Individuality, equality and diversity!

Big words, guys. But if I'm going to start talking about things without censoring most of my thoughts, this might be a good topic to start with. And I will without a doubt be coming back to this. I'll just write about individuality today, but all three of these topics are interlinked.

When I was at school we had a photo competition which theme was “individually together”. The concept made sense to me then, and it still does. But unfortunately it does not make sense to everyone and it's very sad. So many people are trying to “fit the crowd” and look “normal”. Do what “society thinks is right” instead of being who they are.

Okay, I must admit that I was never the coolest of kids. And still am not. I mean, I look like this in my holiday photos:

It was a holiday in Lewis in 2010!

And surprise, surprise! I was bullied at school. I never really understood why I got bullied. I didn't really think of it at the time, I just did my best at ignoring it. But then I came across a news paper article where the journalist had interviewed a class and found out what kind of reasons will be used as excuses for bullying.

Here are the reasons they listed:

Wrong clothes. Clothes that are five years old, discount store clothes, charity shop clothes, cartoon character -tops, Gothic style, Lolita style, heavy rocker style, or anything that might make you look gay.

Wrong music. Anything ancient or classical. Church music. Anything that the majority doesn't listen to. Basically you have to listen to bands that are on top10 lists.

Wrong hobbies. Guides, computer games, larping, archery, violin, golf, church clubs, fantasy books, Irish dance, martial arts if you're a girl and ballet, riding or piano if you're a boy. Basically you're not “allowed to” have any “weird” or different hobbies – such as dance if you're a boy.

Wrong ideologies. Religiousness, vegetarianism, or accepting gay rights. Basically you're not allowed to enjoy reading or fantasy. Or have much opinions about anything.

Thank goodness I'm not at school anymore. This explains why I got bullied. I could post pictures of myself doing all of those things “wrong”, but I probably don't have to. And I'm glad I did. I never wanted to be a robot who wore what the other girls told me to wear, listened to crappy top10 lists and had no opinions. I had a lot more fun wearing Tinker Bell -tops, going to church clubs and camps, listening to emo music, playing computer games, reading fantasy books and generally just being a weird, opinionated homosexual.

This is how "amazing" the picture quality was in older camera phones.

It was way more fun being weird! My freetime activities were amazing. Here, for instance, I went to a clothes store with my friend and we both chose each other the most awful outfits and then took photos in the changing room. This is what teenagers should do, instead of learning how to became a robot.

And this topic is not only relevant to those who are at school and going through those horrible teenager years trying to figure out who they are while being under constant pressure of not doing anything that wouldn't be accepted by their peers. This is relevant to anyone! No matter what your age is, you can still discover new things about yourself and new ways to express yourself. Start a new hobby, explore new hairstyles or get into motorcycles. There are mums out there who are afraid to get tattoos and piercings or other mums wouldn't let their children to play with their kids. There are grandmas who wonder what their friends might say if they got a purple mohawk*. There are men who really want to wear skirts instead of trousers because it's hot outside. Such things won't change their ability to function as members of society. Those little things that would be a part of their individual appearance would only make them happier and more lively. And happy people can do anything! Those who judge should go home and think about what makes them so angry.

One of my favourite bands, PMMP, released this song 4 years ago.

It is amazing. Here are some bits of the lyrics in English**:

They shout furiously: “No! Men don't behave like that!”
I guess beauty offends them
But although they make fun of my body
They can never touch my soul

My clothes that people make fun of
and my feather boa that is so despised here
need more glitter when I get there
or otherwise I will be unnoticed in the eclectic crowd

There, family cars are not the only cars stuck in the traffic jam
There are buses and limousines side by side

I will not swallow tears but champagne instead
I will dress up in sequins from head to toe

The mouths don't mock and not a single finger rises
I'm not afraid that I won't find anyone
And like a bird I will rise up
I was never a prisoner of my body after all

Seriously it's the best song ever. It's all about equality and being accepted as who you are. Sadly in this song, the person had to leave somewhere else, but that's just something you need to do if you're surroundings are poisonous. But we are all gorgeous as who we are! And all of us are allowed to wear whatever we like, whatever makes us confident and happy. And that's the beauty of it. Life would be boring if everyone just wore hoodies and jeans.

So, who wants to dress up in sequins and come and drink champagne with me?

Featuring Scottish countryside.

I have muffins.

* True story! She came in to book an appointment when I was at the hairdressers.
** I'm sorry, but my translation skills suck. Please let me know if you know how to translate this song better.


  1. Aihe kosketti mua, hupaisaa nähdä kuinka paljon mä oon harrastanut tollasia "vääriä" harrastuksia. Ja olen todella onnellinen että olenkin, koska muuten sitä olis vaan elänyt muiden vuoksi. Mutta täytyy myöntää, että itse taas kammoksuin niitä jotka olivat sillä safe zonella, siis sillä "muiden suosiossa"-zonella :( Tarkoitan, hiljaisesti olin ehkä yhtä rasistinen heitä kohtaan.

    1. Tosi samaa mieltä olen itsekin! Nyt yritänkin kehittyä ja olla avoimempi ihan kaikkia kohtaan ja olla tuomitsematta ketään, koska en kuitenkaan voi tietää mitään siitä millaisia ne ihmiset oikeasti ovat.

  2. I was recommended your blog by a friend and while I can understand where you are coming from, the content of your blog doesn't sit well with me. I completely agree that we should be comfortable with ourselves and free to express who we are without fear of judgement from others. On the other hand, I feel like you are being very judgemental toward those of us who do like "crappy top 10" music, and wear jeans and hoodies - perhaps we do the things we do, not because we feel as though we *have* to but because we *want* to? Just as there is nothing wrong with being an individual, there is equally nothing wrong with being "part of the crowd". Personally, as someone who often identifies as 'weird' - it sounds like you're over-compensating.

    Blessed be. :)

    1. I think it's completely okay to listen to top10 music and wear hoodies and jeans if you want to! That is exactly my point, it should be fine for everyone to be just the way they are, without judging others. Often it can be difficult when we encounter something very different for the first time and we're not sure what our support network thinks of it, but in the end we should just trust that by being who we are, we are good enough. I am absolutely not saying that everyone should be as weird as possible to shake the system. We are all here together and can make life beautiful by bravely being ourselves.

  3. Tuo vaatekauppaharrastus oli kyllä mahtava! Tein sitä paljonkin joskus. Viime kerrasta on aikaa, varmaan syksyllä 2010 Oulussa.