Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Trees and homes


I've been doing nothing but looking for a new place to live closer to my bus route, so that I'll get more freetime and a shorter commuting time to work. Makes sense to spend my freetime worrying about that, right?

To keep myself away from the websites with flat ads, I decided to finally answer the 11 questions I was challenged to answer in Meriannen blog. I've done the full challenge before, so this time I will just answer the new questions. They were very good questions.

1. What book has meant a lot to you, and why?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It changed my life. I got it as a 10-year birthday present from my godmother, and it was the first Harry Potter book I ever read. It was the longest book I had ever read. I read the two previous books as well, and then waited for the next ones to get written and published. I grew up with Harry Potter, and I really do believe that my life would be completely different if I hadn't read those books. I might write a whole post about that one day when I'm brave enough to tell you the full story.

My bookself.

2. What makes a home home for you?

A home is a space where I can be myself. At home I don't have to be alone. There needs to be a sofa where I can sit down and watch Gilmore Girls and a kitchen where I can cook. At my current home, we have bunnies in the backyard and I will miss them if I end up moving somewhere where there aren't bunnies. They might not be necessary, as long as I still feel that I'm at home when I'm at home.

3. If you won in the lottery, how do you think the money would change your life?

I would probably worry less about affording things. I would be able to travel more and I would eat fancier food. My life would be more luxurious! And then I would buy houses and rent them out, so that I wouldn't have to work ever, and I could just do what I wanted to do without worrying about not having a job. It would be fantastic.

4. When you started blogging, what did you wish to achieve with your blog? Have your objectives changed since then?

When I moved to Scotland, I had a blog where I talked about my adventures here. That blog was directed to my friends in Finland. But then times changed and that blog got forgotten. 

In 2011, my flatmate moved into a caravan to look after baby ducks and started writing a blog how her water barrel is trying to grow a pet Rowan tree. I thought that it sounded cool, and wished I had something to blog about too. At the time though, I thought that nothing interesting was happening in my life. Moving to Scotland was old news and all I did was to hang around planning on my next backpacking holiday. But I thought that I'd start a blog anyway — maybe I could write about travelling sometimes. And offer valuable opinions on life. And so began my blog.

But things have changed. Of course they have. I've learned more about life and myself since 2011. Since the awful November 2012 I have tried to get back on my feet and to be happy again. During that time I've tried to use my blog as a therapy resource for myself. I had become really scared of the world and avoided speaking to people and telling them my thoughts. Raindeer Pants was a place where I could talk about things and express myself. It still is.

5. What is the best meal you can cook?

That's what Raindeer Fodder is for. Apparently so far only Spinach Pancakes. That'll do.

6. What's your dream holiday destination?

I'd love to go to Micronesia, Hawaii and New Zealand. I like my holidays far, far away.

7. Are you tidy or messy? Has it changed when you've got older?

I appear messy, but let me I assure you: I know where everything is.

8. Does your soul belong to a city or countryside?

I'm from Finland, and I miss the trees. I think as long as there are trees, it doesn't matter whether I'm in a city or in the countryside. I'll feel just as lost in treeless countryside as in a concrete, parkless city. But apart from the tree aspect I enjoy both. At the moment I prefer living in a city, but I have a feeling that when I start a family I'd like to live in a smaller town.

9. Who is your favourite actor? Why?

I really like Monni. She's awesome and inspiring. And I know a bunch of other inspiring actors too, but obviously if they don't have a blog I can't mention them here. I'm not sure if the aim of this question was to mention a Hollywood actor like Johnny Depp, but Johnny Depp doesn't really inspire me, even though I think that Jack Sparrow was the only reason Pirates of the Caribbean was so popular. He did a brilliant job with it.

But okay, if you're looking for film tips with this question, Laura and I have been watching films with Bill Nighy recently. He is a good actor.

I also really love the whole story line with Tess in Lip Service. Tess as a character is the kind of actor I can relate with. And Fiona Button is a good actor too. And very good looking. I really enjoyed watching Lip Service. They better do another season soon.

Lip Service (via Insidemediatrack.com).

10. What is the most important thing you've learned from your parents?

My dad taught me to always hold on with three sets of phalanges when climbing. I never fell down a tree.

11. Where do you hope to be in 20 years time?

At home! Where ever that will be. I hope I will be happy.

Lip Service (via Insidemediatrack.com).
Here, have another picture just to show you what I've been obsessed with recently. Also, the picture summarises actors, trees, flowers and homes. Everything I just wrote about! Perfect.

Feel free to answer the same questions in your blog if you want.


  1. Mul on sama ton vikan kysymyksen kanssa :) where ever that will be. Vaihtovuoden jälkeen haluaa löytää oman paikkansa mistä maasta, kaupungista tai maanosasta vaan, kunhan se vaan tuntuu kodilta :)

    1. Niimpä! Jostain se koti varmasti löytyy, mutta en tosiaankaan tiedä vielä mistä!

  2. Aivan ihana blogi! Oli pakko liittyä lukijaksi ja jatkossakin lukea :) Ajattelin linkittää myös omani, joka on sisustuspainotteinen. Suunnittelen myös sisustusmallistoa, joka tulee blogiin ensi vuoden puolella. Blogissa nyt myös käynnissä arvonta ;)