Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Studenty challenges and tips!

Some people think that students are just lazy nocturnal creatures who don't need to do much apart from lying around all the time. Especially arts students who rarely have classes to go to. Because I have years of experience of what student life actually is like, I decided to write this blog post to show some of the challenges I've had to face during this past week. It's shocking how hard life can sometimes be for students. And because some of you are students and already understand what your life is like I have an added bonus at the end of this post where I will provide you with fun decoration tips that will make your flat look more student-like.

This week

There are a few essential things in life. The most important one is food. Students love food - especially free food. There's this wonderful pub called Korova in town. Before, I've only ever ended up there when I've been fairly drunk - occasionally too drunk for them to let me in. But last Wednesday we had a little flat outing and went there when they were serving free food. It obviously was mostly just a trick to get students in so that they would buy drinks. This assumption was confirmed when we walked to the bar to ask about the food and the rude lady behind the bar told us that "it's not free", and that we "have to buy drinks first". Well, we did that, and got a plate full of pub food. Not bad for less than £2.

You can't get free food everyday though, and sometimes you have to cook. Cooking is not easy though.

Kata experienced a pea attack.

Frozen peas especially are not easy to deal with. Sometimes they jump on you when you open the freezer. And then there's peas all over the floor - and that's a safety hazard.

Peas where they should be.

If you survive to cooking procedure, you get to eat homecooked food which unsurprisingly tastes a lot better than free pub food. But student life challenges don't end there. Sometimes after a meal you want something sweet. But student fridges are funny places.

Hygiene+ has kidnapped my Swiss chocolate!

My chocolate has frozen to the back wall of my fridge. Is it trying to ensure that I really want to eat the chocolate? Anyhow, it's very inconvenient.

The next thing is not really an inconvenience but it's a thing that students don't tend to do. 


Poor Pikachu.

I had to iron this week. Turned out that the Pikachu costume I ordered online was vacuum packaged and if I had worn it without ironing I would have looked like a very wrinkled Pikachu.

See, hard life isn't it?

Okay, now for the  awesome home decorating tips! 

Student flats don't need to look like they are out of an interior design magazine. Student flats are allowed to look like there are people living there. But to make sure your flat doesn't look too boring I have 3 decoration tips for you! Are you ready?

1. Learning is very important for students. To save you from needing to learn everything on the revision week, you can just write notes all over the house on little post-it notes.

It will make your night time microwaving sessions more meaningful.

2. In case that was old news for you, have you already considered making your kitchen a more delightful place by hanging up some soft toys there?

It cheers up the look of our fridge.

3. We also noticed that our happiness levels were higher when we were using this toilet paper.

Andrex breast cancer support campaign.

Toilet paper with little pink stars or hearts on it was more exciting than the normal white paper. Not that it matters what colour toilet paper is. But little things make a big difference in real life. If patterned toilet paper makes you smile every time you have to use the toilet, then your life will be happier. And while you're working on an essay and have a toilet break, it's good to spend that time feeling all the happiness you possibly can. Smiles kill stress.

What life challenges have you faced recently?

Do you have better decoration tips?


  1. Tämä jäi musta jotenkin kesken! Että olisi voinut olla enemmänkin juttuja :D.

  2. Kivan olonen blogi, kerrankin vastaan sattuu jotain vähän erilaista :D