Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I'm going dancing tonight.

I don't write this blog as often as I would like and all of my blog posts have become ramblings about how I would like to live a happier life and how people should care about each other and do more things they would like to do. And guess what I am going to write today! Yes, exactly the same stuff, because I still think it's important. And this is my blog and you are voluntarily reading it.

My last post was about how I would like this year to be happy because last year was absolute rubbish. And that is more easily said than done. But there are a couple of things I am trying to do to reach this goal.

1) Work out what gets me down.

Of course depression is more complicated than this, but depressed people are allowed to enjoy life too. And most of us are unfortunate enough to know a lot of idiots. Which is why we should look for people whose company we actually enjoy and whom we love and spend as much time with them as possible to balance out those rubbish times with the scumbags whose company we cannot avoid.

2) Eat good things. 

I've discovered avocados. They are my new favourite thing. I am getting a vegetable bag through my university's Environment and Ethics committee. This means that every week I give them £6 and they give me edible things that I have never seen before. Here, for instance, is a fennel. I had never even heard of them, and suddenly I had one.

I might post a cooking related blog post as some point. I know all of you are anxious to try out my awesome recipes!

I also think you should be allowed to eat things you enjoy, and not only try and eat ridiculous healthy stuff that you have never even heard of before. So if you want that blueberry muffin, you go and eat the blueberry muffin. As long as you did not skip lunch.

I also believe in supplements, but instead of going with the multivitamin, I have filled a cupboard with loads of different things. Now I can choose what I feel like taking each day. Today I took C vitamin, D vitamin, iron and tyrosine.

3) Don't become a sofa potato.

I love my sofa. And it is freezing cold outside. It is either snowing or raining some icy stuff out there. But I am forcing myself to go out and do things and to gain life experiences. Last week I went bowling and tried out dodgems. Bowling involved throwing heavy balls on a long and slidy piece of floor and trying not to throw myself with it. A bonus was if the ball hit the cones that you are meant to knock over. Dodgems are little electric cars that did not feel much like cars, and crazy university students would drive around them really fast and bump into each other. They were probably meant for kids but it was surprisingly fun!

This week I have eaten pancakes, laughed, forced myself to go to pub for a drink with strangers and got on stage to pretend that I haven't forgotten what acting is. Today I am going swimming and dancing. I should probably leave now.

Basically, I still think that a world is a wonderful place but that sometimes the happiness is just very well hidden. I will keep looking for it. Let me know if you have seen it recently.


  1. Musta sohvalta irtautuminen ei ole vaikeaa. Ehkä siksi, että mulla ei ole sohvaa. Mä haluaisin tehdä koko ajan kaikkea, jos vain olisi seuraa. Ja onhan mulla, mutta enemmänkin saisi olla. Haluaisin tehdä joka päivä jotain aktiivista. Voihan toki yksinkin. Uimaankin voisin joku päivä mennä. Onnellisia asioita on helppo löytää, esimerkiksi sattumalta samassa bussissa oleva Valerie, hyvää nimipäivää toivotteleva pankkitäti ja tuleva retki Tampereelle.

  2. It looks like he's either afraid fo the fennel, or about to do that scene from Hamlet with the skull.