Friday, 14 February 2014

Terrible Valentine's Day cards

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! ♥

I had a great plan to write a post about my frustration with Valentine's Day cards and also to provide you with some advice on how to by a reasonable card. Unfortunately I'm a bit late for that. In case you failed at it though, I hope this post will help you understand why you got dumped.

As you know, today is Valentine's Day. In Finland we call it "Friend's Day" which is really a day UK should have too. But as awful as Valentine's Day is with it's cheesiness, it's a good excuse for people to let the person in their day dreams know that there are some pheromones flying around. And for those who already have caught that lovely person, it's a good day to remind them that they are still appreciated.

In order to prepare for this pink and fluffy day, I decided to buy a Valentine's Day card.

If you have any arts and crafts skills, I recommend you just make one yourself. But because I'm not very artsy-crafty, I had to go with what they sell in the shops.

It was kind of easy because all the other girls were buzzing around the "boyfriend"-shelf, and I got the whole "girlfriend"-shelf for myself. There were no men in any of the card shops I visited. Maybe they all buy Asda smart price cards?

It's not that bad a choice really. Compared to what these shops had to offer.

You felt forced to buy a card? Then this one is a great buy to ensure that you'll no longer have a girlfriend to buy cards for.

You think this is funny? If you're 12, your girlfriend might forgive you. Otherwise you might not be so lucky.

Seriously, does someone actually buy these cards?

This one even comes with a badge you're future ex-girlfriend can wear when she starts her new single life and goes clubbing with her friends looking for one-night-stands. And the other card is ugly. What does a lock that has a heart-shaped vagina drawn on it symbolise? Whatever it is, you probably don't want to give this card to anyone ever.

This 99p card is a lot better choice than any of those previous ones. You'll save money and you'll save your relationship. Plus this card is huge!

So as you can see, looking for a perfect Valentine's Day card wasn't easy. But I kept finding a lot of very pretty cards too!

It was so pretty! And I loved the Paris-theme!

But why do all these have to have a straight couple kissing in them? Where are all the lesbian cards?

Just when I was wondering about that, I saw this...

Is this it? What does 'batty' even mean? It however made me think of the word lepakko (bat in Finnish) which is sometimes used to refer to lesbians in Finnish.

Okay, there were some other animal themed cards that didn't have any boys kissing girls on them.

Owls were quite popular.

And you could also get a Paris-themed card without a kissing couple. But Paris without kissing is not really as good as it could be. Or you could have a tea joke. British girls love tea jokes. Or do they?

Somehow I feel that these very simple cards would be better than any of the above. The two top ones were blank inside. It would have been almost like making your own card. And the bottom one has a more sophisticated joke on it than any of the other ones.

After a while of card shopping I started to feel very frustrated. Are all the lesbians really good at arts and crafts so that they don't ever have to buy cards? Or is there a secret lesbian card shop somewhere that I don't know of? Do they make cards for male couples? I don't understand. I'm sure there is a great market out there for gay cards.

This is the card I chose in the end. I feel that it represents some future. At least I didn't get dumped.

How did your card shopping go? What do you think of these cards?


  1. Hyvää ystävänpäivää sinullekin! Minun ei tullut ostettua korttia, kun meni eilen töissä niin myöhään, että kaupat olivat jo kiinni... Poikaystävä sai sitten ystävänpäivälahjaksi intialaista noutoruokaa. :D

    Kieltämättä aika erikoisia, varsinkin nuo tissikortit. Tosin ystävänpäivällä yritetään näköjään myydä vaikka mitä. Esimerkiksi palomuurini vinkkasi, että täydellinen tapa osoittaa rakkautta on ostaa kullalle maksullinen parempi palomuuri...

    1. Kiitos! Ja haha, sainpas hyvät naurut tuosta palomuurijutusta! Tosi romanttista. :D

  2. Hahahha, mahtavia kortteja XD!!! Tosi kiva postaus.

  3. Moi, huomasin että kirjauduit lukijakseni! :) Oli todella mukava huomata, että täytin kriteerit enkä luokittautunut perus makro-kuva-mäkkäri ja isin ostama rolex kategoriaan. Selailin hieman sinunkin blogiasi, ja yllätyn todella positiivisesti, jäänkin tätä lukemaan vaikka haasteena jo itselleni, että miten se Lontoo taittuu peruskoulun jälkeen. ;) Tsemiä talveen!

    1. Hehe, joo et kyllä luokittaudu! Kiitos ja tervetuloa lukijaksi! :)

  4. Söpöjä kortteja on ainakin, ja jälkikäteen on huono toivottaa mutta toivottavasti oli hyvä ystävänpäivä!

    1. Kiitos! Ystävänpäivä on joka päivä! :)