Sunday, 23 September 2012

Same place, new adventures

Because of summer I spent less time at my computer writing blog posts and a lot more time finishing my studies, carrying boxes, graduating, swimming in lakes, flying and carrying buckets. Therefore it is time for a little update of what is going on in my life, mostly to let you know that I have not abandoned this blog.

I graduated in July. Tomorrow I will have the first lecture of my masters course. 
It's at the same university.

Finally got my MA in Archaeology.

After my graduation I could have gone anywhere. Or at least that's what the university's advertisement posters said. But I felt no particular need to go anywhere else. No other place seemed to be calling me to move there. So I stayed in the Granite City.

But many things changed without me having to go anywhere.

The only move I made, was moving my possessions to another flat on the other side of the city. Now I live close to the supermarket I like, and my room has orange walls.

And my plan for this year is to make the most out of this year - not despite the fact that I am still in the same city but because I am here. I can discover new things to do in here. These things involve boring grown-up things like buying carrots so that I can cook more often, and buying trousers so that I can join a gym.

I am also looking forward to making new friends because obviously the fact that my year graduated means that several people I am friends with have now left and gone to look for new adventures somewhere else. This means that I should carry on going to social events and see people and not just stay at home lying on the sofa. Which I cannot even do because I don't have a sofa at my new place. (I will be happy to accept your invitations to come and lie on your sofas.)

Exploring another corner of world: Ancorage, AK.

The most important new challenge this year however will be to focus on my course work. The course will be on what I was most interested in during my undergraduate studies so I it should not be impossible. I will even get my own keys to our school's postgraduate study room where we have computers, a microwave and two kettles. And after this year I must have figured out what to do with my life next. By then, I might be the time to go and explore a new corner of this world.

I will keep you updated of my discoveries and ponderings of life while I try and survive this new academic year.


  1. Tiia, you are excellent. It sounds like you are going to have a very good year - good luck!
    Hanna xx

  2. Sä voisit kirjoitella vähän useammin! Mua pelottaa, mitä tapahtuu mulle reilun vuoden päästä, kun valmistun. Tai siis se pelottaa, että mun pitää tietää.