Saturday, 20 August 2011

I went swimming today.

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I wanted to start writing a blog, although my life is incredibly boring at the moment; I’m not doing anything amazing such as moving to a country, living in a caravan, taking care of foreign children or learning multiple different languages. Therefore I will probably just end up writing about something boring like socks. Or pants or rain or reindeer. Things that I have in my mind, you know.

I recently started reading Camilla Morton’s book How to Walk in High Heels: The Girl’s Guide to Everything. Sure it’s a lovely book for people who have too much money and can’t survive on their own, but I didn't find it useful for myself or anyone I know. In her book Morton shares instructions on many things, such as, what to wear, how to use a computer, how to drive car and how to travel. This made me realise that the world actually needs my blog. I can share my wisdom on what to wear (although no one who actually has ever met me will take me seriously on that) and how to travel and many other important things that you might want to learn about, in order to survive in your future life. Of course in the end I will publish a book based on these things that I write about in my blog. My most loyal followers will of course get a discount.

Reading this blog might save your life, because everything I will write about will be based on either my own life or things I’ve seen on TV (mainly in Doctor Who or Gilmore Girls). Recently I’ve started watching Torchwood and I wanted to share a quote from the 1st episode’s deleted scenes where Gwen Cooper thinks about her life (please read with a Welsh accent):

You go to school.
You go to work.
You go to bed.
You eat.
You get kissed.
You have sex.
You fall in love,
or you don't.
But it's work
and bed
and food
and sleep
two weeks in Spain
and Christmas
and birthdays
and weekends,
every single day
until it stops.
That's the world.
That's the world I live in.
That's all there is.

My life is not exactly like that though. I would never go to Spain for two weeks. But I did go for a week once.

And that's not all there is. A lot of interesting things happen when you leave the house. The only interesting thing that happens if you don't leave the house is that your kitchen ceiling might fall down. Or something of that sort. But you don't have to stay in and wait for it to happen - you'll see that it fell down when you come back home after your adventures. Try it.

This is all I have to say this time. Thank you for reading my first post. If you're brave enough, please leave a comment so that I know that someone is actually reading this.


  1. I wait with eager anticipation for wisdom

  2. Kivaa, että kirjoitat blogia. Mun mielestä sun elämä on aina tarpeeksi kiinnostavaa. Mun elämä ainakin olisi aina blogimateriaalia, mutta sitä lukisi ehkä kolme ihmistä.

    Mullakin olisi hyviä matkailuvinkkejä. Esim. Lontoon kartan piirtämistä voisin suositella.

    Mä en oikein tykkää tuosta quotesta. Toki teen tuollaisiakin asioita, mutta niin paljon muutakin, en kuvailisi elämää noin. Mikset menisi Espanjaan kahdeksi viikoksi?

  3. Vihdoinkin! Mä ainakin oon iloinen että aloit kirjoittaa blogia, ja ihan bloggerissa eikä siellä hankalassa irc-galleriassa :P On ehkä outoa lukea sun ajatuksia englanniksi, mutta totun varmastikin. Voisit joskus kirjoittaa lempikirjoistasi ja musiikista! (ja ai niin, olen Marianne)

  4. Thank you everyone! :)

    Kiitos, Marianne vinkeistä, pidän ne mielessä!